At certain times in our lives there are questions we inevitably ask ourself about the nature of reality, questions we really need the answers to if life is to have any meaning for us, the who am I, who is God, what is our connection, range of questions. For some, answers fall easily and comfortably within the context of our understanding, God exists or He doesn't, I certainly know who I am, this is my name, my job, my family, my state in the world, my relations with God are important when I am in trouble and I call on Him, otherwise I don't really think about it too much. I go to the church, the mosque, the temple when I have to, or once in awhile when I feel like it. I feel connected to the faith I inherited from my parents, but I don't pray much, if ever. Easy, laissez-faire answers, a protective covering over the implications posed by these questions which have been asked again and again by the human generations. For those not content with routine answers, the search can sometimes be profound, even agonizing if the right answers are not readily forthcoming.